Alkeme Sliced Gluten Free Sourdough Country Loaf Bread 925g

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Locally-made Gluten Free Sourdough

Sourdough bread. There's nothing better than that smell as you walk down the street as it pulls you around the corner following your nose to the prize. From the plazas of Europe to the alleys of San Francisco, sourdough bread's timeless technique and flavour profile are the centerpiece to any meal. Our Gluten Free Sourdough bread pays homage to our love for the irresistible calling to the simplicity of freshly baked artisanal bread.


925g Gluten Free Sourdough Bread (weighing in 2x traditional GF offerings)
Aged over time using all natural wild fermentation processes
Made to Order and delivered Fresh to your door
Gluten Free, Vegan (100% Plant Based), Non-GMO, Soy Free, Potato Flour Free, Rice Free, Corn Free, Commercial Yeast Free, Cane Sugar Free & always free from preservatives, artificial flavors, colors & sweeteners
Processed in a Dedicated Gluten Free Facility


Gluten Free Flour Blend (Sorghum Flour, Millet Flour*, Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Flour)
Gluten Free Starter Culture*
Psyllium Husk*
Coconut Sugar*
*Organic Ingredients

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