Whistler Water 1 Litre Bottle

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There’s an untouched corner of Canada where Whistler Water was millions of years in the making. The high peaks of British Columbia’s Coastal Mountains are home to ancient glaciers. Here, time and pressure turn snow to ice, and ice eventually becomes Whistler Water.

Whistler Water is collected from a unique aquifer located at the foothill of remote mountains that are part of the Pacific Range of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia. The Coast Mountains comprise many of the world’s largest temperate-latitude icecaps and glaciers. This remote northern area keeps both the glacier and the aquifer highly protected from human and industrial contamination. The Coast Mountains are brimming with lush forests where the thick density of trees release a high concentration of oxygen. Brisk winds carry this clean oxygenated air up to the peaks and glaciers of the Coast Mountains to contribute to Whistler Water’s natural taste and purity.

Virtually the entire glacial watershed from which Whistler Water comes is underlain by a clean grey-white granitic rock. This rock is compact and chemically inert, which ensures our water is flowing through it at a truly glacial pace. It also ensures our glacial water is not adversely affected by any dissolved substances of fine particulate matter. Deeper yet, below the icecaps and granite rock through which Whistler Water flows, lies the heavily compacted granite floor that is the base of Whistler Water’s aquifer. These geological factors protect and isolate Whistler Glacial Water until it is packaged and delivered to you.

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