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Frauxmagerie Aged Botanic Chevre - Goat Cheese

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Frauxmagerie Vegan Goat Chevre Cheese
Welcome our new product to the plant based Frauxmage family! We have created an aged Goat Frauxmage that has a firm rind with a smooth and creamy interior. The Goat has a soft flavour with a punch of tanginess as an aftertaste, perfect for a vegan cheese beginner! This frauxmage is perfect for any occasion. Are you creating a fancy vegan cheese board? The Goat is perfect for that. Are you making a sandwich and want to add more flavour? The Goat is perfect for that! Most importantly, The Goat pairs wonderfully with a nice bottle of red wine. 

All natural dairy free, oil free, soy free, gluten free ingredients.
Ingredients: raw cashews, nutritional yeast, vegan probiotics, salt, apple cider vinegar, and natural flavouring.