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We blended our version of sweet, delicious mylk chocolate (made milk-like with the addition of extra cacao butter and maple syrup) with tart organic freeze dried raspberries ~ to create the perfect balance of sweet and tart that GLOW lovers LOVE.

Our mylk chocolate base if one of our sweetest chocolates and is a perfect choice for people who are looking for sweeter, yet still healthy, options!

I combined our delicious and creamy signature sugar free cashew creme that is normally found on our GLOWBall Truffles from our line of no added sugar products. I blended some of the cashew creme with organic prickly pear (a fruit from a cactus that grows abundantly in Mexico!) pink food colouring to create a beautiful, fun and non-toxic splash of colour, along with a small piece of freeze dried raspberry on top for pop of Valentine's day colour a la healthy.

The beautiful thing about adding the sugar free cashew creme to the mylk chocolate square is that it both adds extra flavour and makes the whole experience more dreamy and more creamy. While at the same time adding in more healthy fats and proteins from the cashews and coconut in the creme, makes it so that the chocolates becomes lower glycemic and more satiating. 

Adding nuts like cashews that are full of good fats, fibre and protein with sweeteners like maple syrup, helps to keep blood sugar stabilized so you can continue to GLOW inside and out while indulging :) It's a win-win! 

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