GLOW Chocolate Nut Butter Cups - Salted Vanilla Almond Dream - 1 each

Sale price$2.99


Our delicious creamy GLOW Chocolate vanilla base (made with real raw organic vanilla bean!) has wrapped itself around lightly salted almond butter to create a healthy, and arguable more delicious, version of Reeces Pieces. 

Our dreamy vanilla chocolate is lightly sweetened with maple, co-sweetened with coconut butter and lucuma and secretly sweetened with BC locally grown green stevia. 

We create the perfect almond butter in-house to achieve optimal texture, flavour and saltiness so it creates the most perfect contrast to GLOW vanilla chocolate that only chocolate dreams are made of. 

Each cup is hand-poured and sprinkled with a touch of Himalayan salt to satisfy sweet an salty cravings. You simply can't go wrong with GLOW Chocolate and almond butter.

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