Candy & Chocolate - GLOW Rose Vanilla Whip Creme - No Added Sugar, Vegan, Keto and Organic - Vanocuver

GLOW Rose Vanilla Whip Creme - No Added Sugar, Vegan, Keto and Organic

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Organic in-house made cashew butter whipped into the truffle base, to create an extra creamy & decadent GLOWBall Truffle... Topped with a no sugar added cashew based whipped cream and piped on top of the truffles like perfectly formed icing.

Julie created a delicious no added sugar 'whip cream' simply by blending cashews with coconut butter in the perfect 'GLOW ratio', with a bit of organic Bulgarian Rose Essence that magically brightens the natural sweet flavours of cashews and coconut - while adding a subtle floral flavour that makes the natural flavours pop in all the right ways.

I also add a touch of real organic raw vanilla bean that also brings out the natural sweetness of cashews + coconut - so no added sugars or dairy are needed to create a delicious 'whip cream'.

The GLOWBall Truffles are topped off with organic rose dust to create a lightly rose flavoured whipped creme truffle.

Ingredients: organic carob, organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, organic coconut, organic mesquite, organic lucuma, organic cashews, organic maca, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic or fair-trade vanilla bean, organic BC green stevia. Topping only : Bulgarian Rose Essence, organic rose petals.