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La Preferida Hot Jalapeno Slices

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Jalapeño slices and crunchy carrots submerged in an enticing brine of vinegar, onion, garlic, and oregano. A delicious duo of pickled peppers and carrots makes an unbeatable topping for nachos, chili, pizza, sandwiches and more. A low-fat way to add depth of flavor to any dish. Don’t let the heat fool you, our jalapeño nacho slices are as addictive as they are spicy – VERY!


If you can’t take the heat, then these bad boys aren’t for you. Our Hot Jalapeño Nacho slices with their briny, bold flavor add an addictive dose of heat to any dish.


It’s hard to believe a few little ingredients like jalapeño peppers, vinegar, carrots, onion, garlic, and oregano combine to create such explosive taste. CONTAINS: calcium chloride (to retain firmness), turmeric color.VERSATILE PRODUCT

Jalapeño slices add a hint of tanginess and heat to rich foods such as cheese dips and pizza. Use as a topping for omelets, breakfast tacos. Add a pickled bite to salads, soups, and of course – nachos!VEGETARIAN & VEGAN-FRIENDLY

Free from animal products.