Larry’s Market Red Matcha Tea Powder- 50g

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      The Red Matcha Powder is made from hand-picked, micro-milled hibiscus flowers (hibiscus sabdariffa) that are harvested in the evening and early morning hours (before dawn) since the hibiscus flowers produce the most aroma and flavor during that time.

      Sourced from a women-run cooperative of micro-farms whose values are something we love and support. They are sourced from over 100 sustainable micro-farms from the rural parts of Thailand.

      They provide work and employment opportunities for the elderly and the differently-abled people within the community. Even though they are a cooperative of micro-farms, they choose to follow organic farming practices. Women play a key role in food security; they are the backbone of the rural economy especially in the developing world. Empowering and investing in rural women has, over the years, resulted in significant improvements in productivity and rural livelihoods. In most developing countries, women are responsible for nutrition and food security at household level. We are so happy we can support all women.


      Hibiscus flower. May Contain Peanuts.

    • USES

      Due to the ultra-fine milled hibiscus powder, Red Matcha Powder produces a deep red color in any food. Which is why it is popularly used as a natural food dye to add color to frosting, cakes, iced tea or to turn drinks and lattes into a beautiful red foamy treats.

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