Pizza Dinner For 2 Delivered

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Your choice of pizza from the following (1 pizza):

12" Spicy Cauliflower Pizza - 100% vegan! Organic roasted cauliflower in a light spicy sauce, house-made vegan cashew cheese sauce, fresh organic cilantro, fresh organic green onion.

12" Roasted Mushroom, Onion, and Butternut Squash Pizza - 100% vegan! Organic roasted mushrooms and onion, organic roasted butternut squash, house-made cashew cheese sauce, house-made organic kale pesto.

12" Pepper"no"ni Pizza - 100% vegan! House-made marinara sauce, Daiya mozzarella, Daiya cheddar, The Very Good Butchers Pepperoni, pineapple.

12” BBQ Jackfruit Pizza - 100% vegan! BBQ sauce, jackfruit marinated in BBQ sauce, house-made organic pickled red onion, fresh organic parsley, house-made cashew cheese sauce.

12" Margherita Pizza - House-made marinara sauce, fresh bocconcini, finished with fresh organic basil.

Your choice of NoochPop from the following (1 pack):

Kinda Nacho, Kinda Cheesy, Kinda Sweet & Savoury, Kinda Garlic, Kind Chili Lime & Cheesy.

Your choice of Zevia from the following (2 cans):

Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Cola, Orange, Ginger Beer, Grape.


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