Organic LOCAL Butternut Squash Each- MED

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Farm: Secrest Organics, Oliver, Okanagan, BC

No Till or Minimal Tillage

For over 8000 years, humans have been plowing soils. The result: our precious tops soils are eroding and washing downhill into lakes, streams and oceans leaving behind nutrient poor degraded land.  The historical record shows us that this process contributed to the fall of the Roman empire and collapse of the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia.

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming is based on a few principles that need to be implemented together: no-till or minimal tillage, keeping the ground covered, species diversity, and keeping living roots in the soil as much as possible. 

Regenerative agriculture offers many benefits to the farming ecosystem such as increasing soil organic matter, carbon capture, greater water holding capacity, improved nutrient cycling, pest and disease suppression through enhanced soil biology, and ultimately higher nutrient density and health in our target crops.

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