Plant-Based Dairy - Earth’s Own Vanilla Almond Milk 1.89L - Vanocuver

Earth’s Own Vanilla Almond Milk 1.89L

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SoFresh Almond beverages are simple, light and refreshing ways to add vitality to your day, every day. Our healthful products are developed and crafted by Canadians for the Canadian palate and deliver a true and natural almond flavour - with a clean aftertaste. SoFresh Almond is an anytime, anywhere beverage and delightful reward for achievements big and small. Pick us up. Bring us home. Unlock life..

You've reached a milestone today! Reward yourself with a 35-calorie glass of SoFresh Almond Unsweetened Vanilla! Savour a pick-me-up boost of calcium, minerals and vitamins with gentle hints of real vanilla flavour and aroma.

Thank you for buying SoFresh and supporting a Canadian company. We couldn't do it without you!