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Vegetarianism has come a long way from its niche beginnings. Gone are the days when happening upon a single veggie alternative product was a reason to rejoice—now, entire restaurants and shops are dedicated to the diet.
But the story isn’t complete, and as it continues, we’d like for Larry’s Market to take the lead.


Larry’s Market began when a major lifestyle change for founder Ryan Dennis and his family steered them towards a vegetarian diet. Finding a lack of outlets that celebrated a healthy, vegetable-focused lifestyle with equal strokes of convenience, Ryan decided to create a destination that would deliver this kind of boutique experience. And so, Larry’s Market was born, a full grocery store and café with a menu developed by Vancouver veggie favourite, chef Brian Skinner of The Acorn acclaim, and executed by Larry’s Market’s café chef, Haley Parrent.

When it came time to choosing a home for Larry’s Market, Ryan looked no further than the Shipyards in North Vancouver. The heritage site had played an instrumental part in the city’s development—not to mention the Dennises’ own history, with generations working in the ship-building hub. There's a comfort knowing that, as the area grows into a centre for collective experiences, Ryan carries on a family legacy of serving others through everyday development.




With 25 years of experience in the grocery industry, Ryan’s drive to open Larry’s Market was fuelled by the desire to make vegetarianism convenient for all. Currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Leadership through Thompson Rivers University, Ryan strives for Larry’s to be a touchstone of unparalleled customer service, education on healthy eating, and food innovation.




Once in pursuit of her own nutritional practice, Haley now channels her passion for health into the culinary arts, even serving as a personal chef for plant-based industry leaders at Vega. As someone who has travelled the world by wandering local grocery store aisles, Haley takes pride in the opportunity of nourishing a community through food as the chef of the Larry’s Market café.

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Larry is your neighbour. He’s a friendly fellow who’s eager to help.

Really, Larry can be anybody and anybody can be Larry. Ryan Dennis lent his middle name to our Larry, who happens to be your community vegetarian grocer—a decent gent who just wants to make healthy eating easy.